Why work with multiple vendors if you don't have to?

Dominion Dealer Solutions Provides a Full Suite of Dealership Technology Designed to Meet the Needs of Independent Dealers


Dominion’s solutions help transform your dealership into a business built for the future. Take a look at some of our best products for independent dealers.

Web Control

Web Control™ CRM & Lead Management

Are you paying too much for your CRM?

Dominion Web Control is an affordable and easy-to-use CRM that provides everything you need to manage and market to both leads and prospects. Web Control integrates with Calldrip™ to speed up conversions and 700Credit to bring you more clarity on your customers’ credit info.


DealActivator Equity Lead Generation

Stop staring at your aged inventory!

With DealActivator you can match equity prospects in your database to aged vehicles on your lot. Get daily reports on what customers are in a positive equity position or look at your service drive schedule to see who is eligible for an upgrade there. Arm yourself with the data and information you need to sell more cars!

Dealer Specialties: Lot Services

Dealer Specialties™ Lot Services

Need professional merchandising help?

Dealer Specialties has been serving the automotive industry for over 25 years and consistently provides dealers with high-quality dealership photography and videography. Our lot services professionals customize an on-the-lot strategy that is unique to your dealership’s inventory needs.

dealer specialties: Inventory Manager

Dominion Inventory Manager

Are you managing too many inventory tools?

Get an all-in-one solution with Dominion Inventory Manager powered by Dealer Specialties. Our award-winning Inventory Manager makes it easy to collect, create and enhance your online inventory – all from one convenient location.


Dominion Cross-Sell Reports

Do you know where you stand in your market?

Dominion Cross-Sell Reports are the leading solution for auto data in the industry, providing dealers, media companies and financial institutions with market-specific vehicle sales and registration details.

"Web Control is extremely efficient and handles our leads and sales processes very well. It’s so easy to use that anyone who can use a cellphone can use
Web Control.”

JC Baker
Jake Sweeney Chevrolet

Dominion Inventory Manager lets me make adjustments to pricing and advertising to keep my cars competitive. Dominion Inventory Manager helps ensure my cars are always front-line ready with the best merchandising.

Brian Martin
Custom Car Care

“A few months after we started using DealActivator, our monthly sales generated from the tool were at 20%. DealActivator is the tool to have in your dealership. It makes equity mining as painless as possible.”

Caitlin Smith
Williams Chevrolet

"I've used Cross-Sell Reports for more than 8 years to help us figure out what is happening in our market - with facts, not speculation. I need to know exactly who is poaching my customers so I can make a strategy to defend my market."

Taz Harvey
Tracy Honda

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