Leaders in Innovation

Dominion leads the innovation race that is putting dealers back in charge of their business. Long known for our ability to build and grow intuitive, easy-to-use and fully-functional software solutions, Dominion continues to leverage modern technology for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to “make dealers’ lives better” means our customers will always have technology that improves their workflow and customer engagement.

Dominion Dealer Solutions began with a vision: to deliver the finest customer and inventory management solutions to auto dealerships. With a start as a publishing company that featured classified advertising for used vehicles, we quickly discovered that several businesses in the industry were offering services we wanted to provide to our auto dealers. We then searched, found and acquired the industry’s top providers of DMS, CRM, Marketing and Inventory solutions. Once we integrated them into the Dominion family, we worked hard behind the scenes to organize these businesses into a single, technology solution on a single technology platform. Now, auto dealers can manage their inventory, digital marketing, and customer databases through a single powerful yet intuitive solution.

Leaders Across Industries

Dominion Enterprises is a leading online marketing and software services company offering client solutions across multiple targeted business verticals.

Our widely recognized B2C web and mobile portals, including ForRent.com and Homes.com, generate nearly 14 million unique visits monthly. Our B2B cloud SaaS solutions directly support clients in establishing their online and mobile brands, generating leads, and managing customer relationships.

Dominion Enterprises has more than 40 businesses and 3,000 employees in our Norfolk, Va. home office and across the U.S.

Dominion Enterprises was established in September 2006 following a division of assets of its predecessor company, Trader Publishing Company, between shared owners Landmark and Cox Communications, Inc. Today, with our classified advertising, publishing, technology, data and Web products & services, Dominion Enterprises is well positioned to maintain its dominant market position and is poised to expand upon our proven record of success through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.