5 Powerful Reasons for Video Marketing

5 Powerful Reasons for Video Marketing

It’s no surprise that car shoppers are increasingly turning to online channels to research and review the cars that they are looking to purchase. As one of the most powerful online channels, video plays a huge part in the customer sales cycle. Dealerships are missing this critical digital marketing tool when it comes to merchandising their current inventory.

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you need video marketing in your dealership:

1. Accelerates Conversions and Sales

A study done by Vidyard and Ascend2 found that 71% of marketers saw higher conversions from video than any other marketing content.

In regards to automotive, dealerships are seeing anywhere from 3% – 6% increase in new and used car sales since implementing video marketing strategies (FlickFusion Dealer Study, 2016).

Car shoppers seem more likely to check out a vehicle if it has a video attached. Without vehicle videos on individual VDPs, dealers could quickly lose shopper interest, thus decreasing overall sales.
2. Transparent ROI

With the right video marketing platform, dealers can easily track ROI with detailed reporting and live dashboards. LiveLot provides dealers with access to video metrics such as: consumer engagement, vehicle statistics, geographic data, and even a real-time dashboard with data on the videos that are currently being watched at any given moment.

69% of consumers say that vehicle videos influenced their buying decision

3. Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. The concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships. Stop selling. Let shoppers come to you by providing them with interesting and useful information either on a vehicle or about your dealership. In fact, 69% of consumers say that vehicle videos influenced their buying decision (Google Study, 2015).

Inventory videos aren’t the only way to build trust with automotive shoppers. Let car buyers be the voice of your dealership by implementing customer testimonial videos. Shoot live shots of any dealership sales, events and regular day-to-day activities. Videos can truly tell a great story about a dealership if done right!

52% of automotive shoppers view video on their mobile device.

4. Optimized for Mobile Success

Vehicle shoppers continue to consume video online – primarily on mobile devices. 65% of car shoppers were able to narrow down vehicle options after watching a video (Digital Drives Auto Shopping, Google).

Smartphones aid in driving greater video views all around. According the recent IAB Reports, 52% of automotive shoppers view video on their mobile device. This is almost double the percentage of all U.S. adults in any industry shopping experience.

While videos continue to be a great resource for potential buyers, if they are not optimized for mobile, dealerships’ video efforts won’t be successful.
5. Shopper Engagement

Videos give dealers the chance to showcase your inventory in a new light – bringing your vehicles to life from the comfort of the shopper’s home or office. You have an added opportunity to engage a potential customer and allow them to “test drive” the vehicle of their choice before visiting the dealership.

Google recently identified Walk Around, Virtual Test Drive, and Features & Options as the best automotive video content categories. Time spent watching these types of videos has doubled in the past year.

There is no better way to transfer information and inspire emotion than with a video. Give today’s consumers what they’re looking for!

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