Automotive Marketing Decisions With Data

Automotive Marketing Decisions With Data

Drive the right automotive marketing messages to the right customers using Data-driven decision making.

What is Data-Driven Decision Making?

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Despite this statement, companies have consistently used a one-size-fits-all approach to their marketing efforts: sending one message to diverse groups of customers, over and over again.

Educators, however, have developed an understanding of the data concerning teaching and learning. They realized this key data could be utilized to develop new techniques that reach broader audiences, while also reaching individual students. When information on students is provided in a timely manner, educators can make informed decisions on how to teach students in the most effective ways.

Does Data-Driven Decision Making Relate to Auto Dealerships?

Educators are not the only people who can use the power of data-based decision making. Other industries have realized that making company decisions based on intuition no longer cuts it.

Companies need to implement the right tools to analyze data correctly. The knowledge they glean from this data translates into better business decisions. This theory has reached nearly every industry including automotive, and without a doubt, the concept is fueling the competitive advantage dealerships seek in today’s economy.

Can Data-Based Decision Making Improve My Dealerships Marketing Strategies?

The value behind customer data in an auto dealership is critical, but how your dealership utilizes that information is what’s most important. To effectively get your message across to a potential car shopper or service customer you need to make sure you’re marketing relevant information.

If a customer just purchased a new car, they most likely don’t want to receive any new car specials a few weeks later, and won’t respond positively to them.  Likewise, a customer who just came into the dealership to get their vehicle serviced would probably be upset if they receive a service coupon a week later that could’ve been used on their recent visit.

These are pretty basic examples, but customization for your dealership’s customers and potential customers can go deeper. This type of effective communication is not possible without a targeted approach and intelligent tools.

Can an Automotive Marketing Solution Help Your Dealership?

“Thanks to Dominion Digital’s social media advertising, our three-store group was able to sell over 100 vehicles and generate over 2,000 clicks back to our websites during the first quarter of 2017. We were even able to get an aged unit off our lot!”   

Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno – Fresno, CA

Automotive marketing vendors, like Dominion Dealer Solutions, must effectively get your dealership’s message to those who will get the most out of hearing it. This can be done through a number of ways including custom search, custom social media packages, and VIN-level advertising.

Reach car shoppers in the early and middle stages of their buying process through customized campaigns that include a mix of targeted pay-per-click, remarketing, and custom display or video components. Data from current customers and prospects can be used to create custom social media campaigns, giving your dealership the ability to promote vehicle incentives and even fixed-ops lifecycle advertising to reach car buyers beyond their initial purchase.

Data-based marketing software targets low-funnel shoppers with vehicle-specific ads on multiple channels. When you utilize hand-crafted ad copy and retargeting you’ll move even more vehicles from your lot into customer garages.

Dominion’s entire suite of digital products utilizes this data-based approach. From our customized email marketing to our digital advertising package, Prime 360, you’ll enjoy a complete automotive marketing solution from one vendor at one price. Dynamic Retargeting within our VIN-Level Advertising generates return shoppers that are 3 times as likely to submit a lead.

To learn more about data-driven influence within the automotive industry stayed tuned for the third installment in our data-driven blog series.  

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