Dealer of the Month | Bright Bay Mazda

Dealer of the Month | Bright Bay Mazda

Bright Bay Auto Group has served the Long Island area for nearly 60 years and works diligently to build their reputation by offering customers a tremendous shopping experience with high-quality service. The dealership drives consistency in branding across their website and digital advertising channels, which are managed by their Dominion specialist.

Why Bright Bay Mazda Chose Dominion?

Kevin Lazar, General Manager of Bright Bay Mazda, said, “Approximately 3 years ago we contacted Dominion about helping increase our footprint on the Internet and building a solid e-commerce business. The partnership we have with Dominion has been one of the best decisions we have made and the proof is in our growth year over year. With the changes in how vehicles are sold today, we are glad to have a partner there that can provide the latest ideas and innovations.”

Due to the evolving consumer shopping behaviors, Bright Bay Mazda identified the need to grow their digital presence. They target in-market shoppers through Predictive Social Advertising. Over the last 30 days with a budget of $1,074, they gained 1704 social shoppers on their vehicle detail pages. Those shoppers spent an average of nearly 2 minutes on the site.

Fixed Ops Social Advertising is an effective way to target shoppers due for maintenance or to reach customers who haven’t visited in a while. A conquest tire offer last month reached 20,620 potential customers, whereas a more targeted lost soul ad reached 434 potential shoppers. The shoppers who landed on the website spent an average of more than 3 minutes on site.

Although Bright Bay Mazda has been running these ads for more than a year, they are still getting increased visitors to the site. Over the last year, they’ve seen a 153% increase in new users and a 76% increase in page views. Their website is optimized for mobile, which is vital considering they’ve seen a 166% increase in mobile traffic since this time last year.  

How Do Dominion Specialist’s Maintain the Dealership’s Online Presence?

Dominion’s SEO and Content experts ensure that strategies are put in place to keep a regular cadence of new, fresh content on the site, which is custom-written for topics that answer the shoppers’ needs regarding their buying experience. It allows for a consistent flow of organic traffic to the site, which has increased by 47% year over year.

We are pleased to partner with Bright Bay Mazda and happy to see their continued success.

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