How To Boost Email Engagement With Video

How To Boost Email Engagement With Video

Trying to create a connection with car shoppers who are visiting up to three dealership websites and receive hundreds of emails each day can be difficult. As a new or used car auto dealer, how do you stand out from others when following up with a potential buyer? Standard email follow-ups or email marketing isn’t going to cut it.

Video email is a useful method to personalize your message and gain the attention of your reader.

Video email is a useful method to personalize your dealership’s message and gain the attention of your reader. This type of marketing can be utilized in several aspects of daily dealership communications, including:

  • Send your list of potential customers a video email. According to Experian Marketing Services, emails with embedded videos generate 55 percent higher revenue per email and 50 percent more clicks compared to emails with no embedded video.
  • Need to touch base with customers or prospects? Record a personal video email. For example, try sending a video email confirmation for service or sales appointments. This could easily increase appointment show rates and builds trust with customers before they step foot into a dealership.
  • Need to reply to a customer inquiry? Share a video email and catch them by surprise. With LiveLot VidMail, dealers can create a video email within minutes of a lead arriving in an email inbox. Prospects receive emails with several videos embedded in an attractive template. Imagine the reaction when a salesperson greets them by name and includes a video walkaround or test drive of the vehicle of interest.
  • Are email open and click-throughs rates failing? Give video email a try. According to a 2013 Invodo study, video in email can boost open rates 20 percent and increases click-through rates two to three times.

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Shoppers are gathering information digitally up until the deal is signed, which underscores the importance of creating a personal connection and building trust. If not, you could be losing these customers to the competition.

With unlimited users and ready-to-use video templates, LiveLot VidMail will allow your sales staff to create personalized video email greetings using the dealership’s existing videos. Attract and engage more customers by showcasing your dealership in a whole new way. Call 877.421.1040 to discover the benefits of LiveLot today!

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