Boost ILM Success with Training

Boost ILM Success with Training

By: John Hardacre, Product Manager

A good internet lead management tool is the cornerstone of any automotive dealership. It can be one of the biggest contributors to your dealership’s profit margin. As the source of your lead management program and customer data, its usage is essential in managing your dealership’s sales operations. Drive success for your dealership by ensuring that your employees are properly trained and fully utilizing the existing ILM.

Neither CRM nor ILM training are “one and done” activities. Consistent, ongoing training is imperative at every level to properly operate the ILM reporting functions and and use its data. By providing such training, you can remove the barriers for non-utilization – preventing mistakes, added expenses, or the loss of customers.

Whether training a new hire or a seasoned veteran, Dominion University provides the tools to help them become a master of their trade. There are dozens of training modules available anytime. For more advanced instruction training, specialists are available.

To learn how you can boost your CRM and ILM success with Dominion Dealer Solutions, call 877.421.1040.

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