Boost Shopper Engagement with LiveLot Ad Videos

Boost Shopper Engagement with LiveLot Ad Videos

Nearly 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched 1. YouTube views of test drives, features, options, and walkaround have doubled in the past year. However, videos that showcase more than a typical vehicle walkaround and add to the dealership’s story can provide more value to both customers and to the dealership’s website.

Car shoppers want to buy from dealers that they trust. To do this, new and used car dealers showcase the great stories of their dealerships- giving shoppers a glimpse into how they do business and why others choose to buy from them. Videos are a fantastic way to open auto dealerships’ “digital” doors to potential buyers.

Increase engagement, boost website views and increase trust with potential buyers- Learn How

In order to truly make an impact with videos, dealers have to think outside of strictly vehicle videos. Keep shoppers engaged with the dealership’s website and instill trust by incorporating “Why Buy Here”, Customer Testimonials, and Department Tours into the dealership’s video strategy. Custom landing pages from LiveLot are built to give car shoppers the information they want, in the format they want.

LiveLot Ad videos average a 200%-300% increase in video views.

LiveLot Ad Videos are embedded into your automotive dealership’s VDP Pages to sell the dealership while building trust with potential customers. At the end of the day, this results in more leads! These videos average a 200%-300% increase in video views 2. Imagine what this increase in video views could do for your dealership!

Additional dealership videos also boost the SEO value of a new or used car dealership’s website. The best way to increase SEO is to implement a video sitemap. Sitemaps index the video content on the dealership website and tell Google what the video is about, so that Google can properly rank the videos for various search terms. Having this video content embedded to a site could increase front-page Google rankings by 53% 3. These additional videos help to boost shopper engagement and increase overall video views.

With LiveLot Ad Videos, Dominion Dealer Specialties gives today’s auto dealers the ability to create additional, non-inventory videos to engage shoppers, build trust, and bring in more website leads. To begin boosting engagement and building trust at your dealership, call 877.421.1040.

1 The 5 Key Auto Micro-Moments Brands Should Win, Google Study, 2016
2 Actual Dealer Results, Video Study, 2016
3 Forrester Research Study, 2009

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