• Rocking Your Sales Funnel, Part III

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing    In Part I and Part II of the “Rocking Your Sales Funnel” series, we looked at shoppers in the Pre-awareness and Awareness stages of the purchase cycle and provided an overview of the three phases of the Research stage (commencing research, condensing research, and confirming research). Today, […]

  • KISS Paralysis by Analysis Goodbye

    By: Paul Walters, Marketing Communications and Creative Director Looking for a quick visual report that will reveal at-a-glance information about website traffic that is at a low point in the sales funnel? Use Google Analytics’ custom reporting to generate a simple, high-level report that will highlight the source of this important segment. Keeping it simple, […]

  • Conversions: A Business Focus, Part III

    By: Eric Grabowski, GM Product Manager   This blog series has covered the importance of driving online conversions with every digital interaction with shoppers whether through search, display, social, email, or the dealership’s website. In Part I, we explored the subjects of Mobile and Speed as the ante for anyone sitting at the digital poker […]

  • Conversions: A Business Focus, Part II

    By: Eric Grabowski, GM Product Manager    In Part I of this series, we addressed the critical nature of online conversion, noting that it should be the goal of every online interaction. Two major variables in the equation were addressed: Mobile and Speed. Unless a dealer’s online presence is mobile-friendly and delivers content to the […]

  • Conversions: A Business Focus for 2016

    By: Eric Grabowski, GM Product Manager  With more automotive consumers using online resources to gather information, facilitating the shopping process, and forming buying decisions, it’s vital for dealers to have an online presence that really performs.  Performance means turning lookers into shoppers, and shoppers into buyers. The average automotive shopper engages 24 touch points during […]

  • Sell More Cars This Holiday Season!

    Every year, the holidays sneak up just as dealers around the nation prepare for a season of year end sales. The automotive industry has continually adapted to ongoing technology changes and this year was no exception. With the launch of “Mobilegeddon” last Spring, automotive websites made the necessary transition to responsive web design. During the holiday season, […]

  • Where is the Automotive Industry Today?

      By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing In October, I had the opportunity to attend the JD Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable in Las Vegas.  I always enjoy this event because JD Power presents material based on their extensive research as well as cutting edge technology solutions. One of my favorite presentations this year was […]

  • 2015 Internet Trends: Part 1

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing, Dominion Dealer Solutions We know the Internet is changing things. What is not appreciated; however, is just how much it has impacted aspects of everyday life since its debut to the public 25 years ago. As it relates to the auto industry, the Internet has formed the way […]

  • How to Engage Online Shoppers (Without Antagonizing Them!)

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing Online shoppers come to your website for one reason: research. As they research, they are inviting you to engage with them. So, how do you engage them? By providing them with the valuable insight and delightful experience they are hoping to find.    Unfortunately, the gimmicks we sometimes […]

  • What are the Top 5 Ways to Unify Sales Content with SEO Marketing?

    At the start of all sales cycles, there comes a moment when customers realize they need a solution to their problem. This realization may be conscious or subconscious, but it sets in motion the purchase process, which always begins with research. Sometimes that research only takes a moment, but other times it extends for days, […]

  • SEO Tip: Site Linking for Your Dealership Website

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Specialist, Dominion Dealer Solutions Quality links to your dealership website can improve your site’s visibility, traffic and engagement. That being said, taking shortcuts and gaining low-quality links can cause your responsive design automotive website to be penalized by the search engines.  Here are a few questions to ask about the sites linking […]

  • Two Mississippi: What Happens Online Every Two Seconds

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing The world travels at the speed of life. And our world online seems to only move faster and faster. Check out these amazing stats* of just how much happens online in the time it takes to say “Two Mississippi…” 88,667 searches are made on Google 14,433 tweets are […]