Your Website’s Security is Affecting Your Bottom Line

By: Sean Stansell, Website Product Manager

If an online car shopper is greeted with a browser message announcing that your website is not secure, he or she will most likely hesitate to continue shopping. What effect do you think that would have on engagement, repeat visits, and conversions? Do you think your customers would trust you?

In order to prevent your automotive website from hindering your new or used car dealership’s overall success, it is very important to upgrade to a secure site.

What is a Secure Website?

Secure websites use HTTPS to encrypt all traffic from shoppers to your website, and back. Secure sites are marked with a lock in the browser’s address bar.


That lock lets shoppers know that their information is safe.


That lock lets shoppers know that their information is safe. According to a recent study, over half of car shoppers trust a site more when they see the padlock. When you work to make trust the focal point of your automotive dealership’s digital efforts, upgrading your site to HTTPS is a crucial step.

Get a website that brings more shoppers to your showroom

Safety First

When a website is secured, no one can intercept the information typed into it. This prevents things like identity theft, credit card fraud, and more. It also prevents your dealership from being potentially liable for any loss or misuse of a shopper’s information.

Google has made it their mission to make every site on the web secure.

Google Loves Secure Websites

Google has made it their mission to make every site on the web secure. To that end, they’re taking steps to shame sites into upgrading their security. Today, in the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser (the most popular browser in the United States), shoppers are presented with a NOT SECURE warning when a shopper starts to enter password or credit card information on an insecure website. If that’s not bad enough, soon Chrome will show that on every insecure site, whether the shopper is entering information or not.

Yikes. A warning like this will destroy any chance your dealership’s site has to build trust with new or used car shoppers.

So What Can You Do?

Having an insecure site puts your shoppers’ sensitive information in danger, erodes their trust in your brand or dealership, and costs more money in PPC campaigns. Dominion Dealer Solutions now offers secure websites as an upgrade to all of our website offerings. Contact your Digital Marketing Manager today to upgrade your site. Our process makes it quick and easy to secure your site and put your shoppers’ minds at ease.

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