Craigslist: The Perfect Match for Your Inventory

Craigslist: The Perfect Match for Your Inventory

Looking for your perfect match this Valentine’s Day?

Did you know that more than 60 million users are navigating through Craigslist each month? Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you flock to the personal ads section of Craigslist to find your soulmate; however, this could be where your vehicles find their perfect buyer.

This improved customer experience has dealers seeing over 10 times more leads.

Vehicle listings in the “cars/trucks by dealer” section of Craigslist have radically dropped since the onset of the $5 per ad charge in late 2013. Some dealers were unhappy, but many praised the fee. At Dominion Dealer Solutions, we agree with the latter. Adding the charge per vehicle ad has limited overposting by dealers, reduced spam, and provided a better experience for car shoppers. This improved customer experience has dealers experiencing over 10 times more leads.

Automotive dealers want to take advantage of Craigslist, but can fall short when attempting to manage it themselves. Consistency in inventory marketing, lead optimization, budget, and ROI tracking can be difficult and time-consuming for many dealers.

Learn how Dominion can help you sell more cars today!

Classified Listings Premium is a full-service approach offering dealerships an automated Craigslist solution to sell more cars for a minimal investment. The average cost per lead (CPL) for Craigslist is $1.51, and this number doesn’t include walk-in traffic! There are many benefits to these cost-effective ads:

  • Custom ads are branded for your dealership with actual vehicle photos (no stock images)
  • The lead management system routes directly to your dealership’s CRM
  • Monthly ROI reporting tracks your dealership’s Craigslist marketing efforts

Classified Listings Premium easily integrates with vehicle inventory and converts Craigslist leads seamlessly. The online classifieds giant gives consumers searching for vehicles within their communities an easy way to browse local dealership inventory. Your customers are on Craigslist. Are you?

For more information about how Dominion’s Classified Listings Premium can help you simplify vehicle sales on Craigslist,  call 877.421.1040.

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