Is your dealership missing out on Cross-Sell Reports?

Is your dealership missing out on Cross-Sell Reports?


Dominion’s Cross-Sell Reports provide industry- specific insights that help automotive dealers, media and financial institutions make better business decisions. Whether you are an automotive dealer, a media company, or a lender, Cross-Sell can be used to achieve your specific revenue goals. Dealers using Cross-Sell Reports can understand their local markets, identify trending models, and increase market share. Media companies can target the right audience to drive more automotive sales. Auto Lenders can discover new lending opportunities within their local markets.

Cross-Sell Reports allow dealers to search vehicle titles in a selected zip code, or by a specific dealership. These reports include passenger cars, heavy duty trucks, lightweight trucks, and vans. For most of Dominion’s Cross-Sell reports, data is provided straight from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Dealers are allowed to customize their portals so that they receive information by make, model, buyer and seller location. They provide a competitive advantage by narrowing in on specific search criteria.

Cross-Sell’s CSI, SnapShot, and Market Analysis reports are provided to customers monthly. The MarketINTEL report is a quarterly rollup that streamlines the information that’s available for each state. Cross-Sell’s data insights are simple; effective to access or utilize at any dealership. Dealers empower their teams with knowledge of their local automotive markets. Cross-Sell’s automotive data is the most accurate in the industry.

CSI reports allow dealers to track trends and market movements, identify the best vehicles to stock, and instantly know who is selling what and where. These reports give dealers a strong competitive advantage with the most robust market and competitive intelligence. Dealers using the CSI reports have the ability to create a strong market penetration strategy.

Snapshot reports combine several important market statistics into one document, providing key automotive market information in one easy glance. These reports identify top-selling ZIP codes to optimize ad campaigns, pinpoint the top selling makes, models, and segments, and track month-to-month changes in market share. Dealers can stay ahead of the competition with quick data for quick action.

Market Analysis reports uncover opportunities to gain new business and market share. Dealers using these reports can keep track of the competition, track short-term market trends to help maximize advertising dollars, and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

MarketINTEL reports provide an accurate picture of a defined market. The three-month sales review allows dealers to know who is performing better or worse in the market. These reports also identify specific ZIP codes where sales are increasing and decreasing, and can identify long-term market changes.

Cross-Sell Reports are available in select states across the U.S., including: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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