DealActivator Dealer of the Month: Edison Nissan

DealActivator Dealer of the Month: Edison Nissan

By Donna McCarthy 

“The reach of DealActivator is amazing!” said Valerie Wildman, Nissan Customer Loyalty Coordinator, of Edison Nissan.

In late May of this year, Valerie stepped up and took on the risk, as well as the challenge, of removing herself from the sales floor to become the full time “Customer Loyalty Coordinator”. This new position would involve automotive data mining through Dominion DealActivator. Valerie was willing to try something new, however, the anticipation was also tempered with apprehension.

Well, she is glad she accepted the challenge! The results of the first full month were phenomenal!  The percentage of sales attributed to DealActivator from May 2018 to June 2018 went from 13.79% to 21.34% with an increase of 31 vehicles rolling off the lot!

DealActivator is not just an equity mining tool it is an automotive data mining tool.  Today the competition in the marketplace in almost immeasurable, ask yourself, how many dealerships are scrambling for the business of one customer, or one internet lead?  Step back for a moment and reevaluate your existing customer base. By definition, data mining is a process used to turn raw data (your existing customer base) into useful information by utilizing strategies to increase lead generation for car sales reps and decrease costs, isn’t that what every dealership is longing for?

Valerie discovered that through diligence, creativity, a winning personality and of course, DealActivator her dealership will win the sale.  She can rest easy knowing she is doing the right things to boost sales!

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