Dominion Dealer Solutions ‘cleans house’ at the 2019 AWA ceremony

Dominion Dealer Solutions ‘cleans house’ at the 2019 AWA ceremony

Four-time AWA award winner Dominion credits commitment to providing dealers with the most innovative technology on the market


January 25, 2019

Norfolk, Va. Dominion Dealer Solutions has received four Automotive Website Awards (AWAs), and was one of the most awarded companies at the 2019 ceremony that occured last night. The AWAs are a well-regarded and recognized benchmark in the automotive industry, and represent the findings of an extensive review process conducted by Pasch Consulting Group (PCG).  Dominion is honored that their commitment to providing dealers with the most innovative technology has led them to earn the following awards:


Dominion Dealer Solutions 2019 AWA Awards

Rising Star Award – C.A.R.Score

C.A.R.Score is a report that gives car shoppers an objective vehicle condition grade that allows them to feel confident about the true condition of a vehicle they are interested in purchasing, either online or in-person. C.A.R.Score takes the standard industry report on the market today one step further by assessing the exterior and interior condition of a vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, instrument and control panels, mirrors, upholstery. It will even tell you what the vehicle smells like.

“I love that it tells you exactly what is wrong, and what is right, with the vehicle you are looking to purchase,” said Ashley from Holden Heights, FL, a participant in the C.A.R. Score consumer validation study.  “This is an excellent tool to have [because] the consumer would be more willing to come and look at, test drive, or purchase the vehicle if they know all the info on the car upfront.”

The Rising Star award is given to companies that have recently developed technology that has made an early impact in the industry. All categories and award nominations are taken into account.

Marketing Automation Award – DealActivator

DealActivator is a customer lifecycle management tool that works to shorten the trade cycle, improve retention, and enhance the customer experience. It allows dealers to access and view equity data within the CRM with a Google Chrome Plug-in. Using a range of filtering options, existing customers can be pulled back into the market with key to key offers. DealActivator’s reverse inventory search function allows the sales team to match aging inventory with potential buyers. Targeted marketing, direct mail pieces, and social ads work together to pique interest and action.

“[It’s a] great tool [that] helps sell more cars. You can pull customers that fit aged units,” said Marty Babineau of North End Mazda. “For example, a customer bought a 2011 Honda Accord three years ago. We have a 90-day old 2017 Honda Accord that we can upgrade [them into] a sale.”

Social Media Award- Prime 360

This all-in-one digital advertising platform that includes Custom Search, Custom Social Media and VIN-Level Advertising, delivers a unified marketing strategy.  Dealers using Prime 360 have a consistent look across these key conquest areas, all for one flat price per month. Regular account management meetings are held to determine the best ways to dominate the digital landscape, and decisions are always made in conjunction with dealers.

“We have reduced our provider fees while increasing our digital presence. Our success in the digital arena is due in great part to the relationship we have with our Dominion team. They work tirelessly with us to maximize our presence, relevance and sales,” said Maria Dunning, Albany Market President of Albany Auto Group.


Sales Process Award – Vision CRM

Dominion Vision CRM, powered by CRMSuite, transforms the conventional CRM process by combining ease-of-use functionality with user-tailored dashboards and rich customer data. The intuitive technology erases the need for traditional action plans and linear workflows. Dominion Vision’s artificial intelligence engine, Olivia, learns about customers and their preferences and helps dealers connect via the best possible method at the best possible time. With these actionable data insights, Dominion Vision is a true business intelligence tool that’s so advanced, it’s simple to use.

“Dominion Vision is like adding a turbo engine to my sales team, and the results show a 114% sales increase in only 5 months,” said Jeremy Eisenberg, Managing Partner of Montrose Mazda of Kent.

OliviaCares and Olivia artificial intelligence technology is the sole and exclusive property of CRMSuite Corporation and is sold under license by Dominion Dealer Solutions.

This year, the AWA ceremony took place on January 24th just prior to the start of the 2019 National Automotive Dealers Association Convention held in San Francisco. For more information about the 2019 AWA winners, please visit

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Dominion Dealer Solutions improves dealers’ lives by developing advanced technologies including: reputation and social media management, responsive websites, digital advertising, SEO, SEM, multi-channel marketing, and custom market reports. Coupled with award-winning lead management, inventory merchandising, equity mining, customer relationship (CRM) and dealer management (DMS) solutions, Dominion redefines automotive retail by delivering first-class customer experiences for today’s automotive dealerships. Based in Norfolk, Virginia, every OEM and more than 10,000 U.S. dealers depend on Dominion’s foundation of innovation, integrity, excellence and teamwork to provide them with results at every turn. For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube, or follow us on Twitter.

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