Dominion Dealer Solutions Introduces Machine Learning for Sales & Service Retention with the all-new MarketActivator

Dominion Dealer Solutions Introduces Machine Learning for Sales & Service Retention with the all-new MarketActivator

The technology compliments the new era of consumer engagement through the use of a marketing power sequence.


January 15, 2019

Norfolk, Va. – Dominion Dealer Solutions has announced the introduction of MarketActivator, a hyper-powered, fully-automated, data-mining, marketing machine that uses data science to drive prime opportunities for sales and service, resulting in a more profitable relationship between the dealership and the end consumer. MarketActivator continually analyzes consumer buying patterns and behavior to determine when a consumer is in-market to buy a car or service their vehicle.  

“We ensure, through ownership verification, that dealers’ marketing dollars are spent wisely. Almost half of the customers in a dealer’s database have moved or no longer own their vehicle. MarketActivator ensures that every message is targeted and will reach the consumer that owns that vehicle. We take the output of each customer’s engagement with the complete customer lifecycle communication and use it in our AI system to better prescribe the next message and channel to the customer.” Says Jill Whitehead, senior vice president of operations for Dominion Dealer Solutions.

Dealers lose 88% of customers over four years of ownership, according to IBISWorld. Moreover, most service transactions occur with third-party independents and not the franchised dealer. “If dealers can be more proactive in determining when customers are ready to transact, we estimate that much of the sales and service business that they are losing will return,” added Whitehead.

The intelligence assistant in MarketActivator has been named “Otto.” Otto triggers a marketing power sequence for each consumer based on their unique profile and shopping behavior. Otto sends personalized sales and service offers across multiple channels such as Facebook, email, direct mail and outbound call. These offers direct customers to their personalized URL. Additionally, internal alerts are sent when qualified customers arrive in the service drive. Otto is always mining for lost souls and automatically communicates tailored offers to bring customers into the store.

Otto ensures that sales and service teams are appropriately alerted when a customer posts a negative review or their online behavior indicates that they are interested in upgrading to a new or used vehicle.  

One of the most unique features within MarketActivator is the reverse inventory sales match which identifies a vehicle of interest and directly markets those vehicles to existing and conquest customers. MarketActivator is the only platform in automotive that can conduct a reverse inventory sales match.

“Soon after we began implementing our processes and more targeted messaging through MarketActivator, we experienced more sales than we would have otherwise received. Within 7 days of utilizing the technology we sold our first car from the service lane.” said Brian Singh, General Manager Parkway Family Kia and Mazda.

The technology has been piloted and installed with multiple early adopters and is officially launching in conjunction with the 2019 National Automobile Dealers Association Exposition in San Francisco next week.

To learn more about MarketActivator, email or call 877-421-1040.



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