Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs

Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs

If you missed our January blogs, here’s a recap of our Top 5:

Leadership Resolutions 


As we enter a new year, it’s important to pause and reflect. A year’s worth of data and activity – an
entire business cycle – however you define it, a “year” provides us with a meaningful time frame to compare our upcoming performance with the past. What happened in 2015?  In what ways can we improve our contribution to our teams and businesses?

KISS Paralysis by Analysis Goodbye

Looking for a quick visual report that will reveal at-a-glance information about website traffic that is at a low point in the sales funnel? Use Google Analytics’ custom reporting to generate a simple, high-level report that will highlight the source of this important segment. Keeping it simple, will allow you to quickly zero-in on important  prospects in the late stages of the sales process and avoid the thrashing that can sometimes come from deep data dives.

Why Bother with Training

Astraining a businessperson, I measure performance with two metrics: top line revenue and bottom line net profit. I spend my time managing hard expenses such as salary and benefits, COGS and advertising, but I have learned that the soft costs associated with personnel development make the biggest impact in expense ROI. Studies prove that performance management and employee engagement improve both top-line revenue and bottom-line business results. Professional development also leads to happier, more productive employees – and customers.

Understanding Complex Buying Behavior

Perspective is invaluable.buying In fact, amazing things happen when we go beyond what people do and aim to understand their thoughts and feelings.

This could not be more true for the automotive industry. Understanding shoppers’ behaviors, thoughts, and feelings is key to unlocking greatness in the way we relate. Doing so changes our message. It changes our lot and showroom experiences. It changes our online presence. And, it could disrupt everything we have grown accustomed to doing in the
past — for the better.

New Year. New Newsletter. New Blog.

You may have noticed a few changes in our customer communication. In recent weeks, we have been testing new formats for both our newsletter and blog in order to streamline information about our products and best practices. So far, the response has been positive and we have noticed improved engagement with our communication. Our plan is to move forward with these new formats in 2016 – and we welcome your feedback. Below are examples to help you navigate these new customer communications.

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