Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of July

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of July

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of July

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

If you’ve missed reading our July Top 5 blogs, here they are:


1. Increase Showroom Visits with Automated Vehicle Comments

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of JulyCompelling, detailed stories on new and used vehicle listings attract and keep the attention of online car shoppers. These stories enhance the connection between vehicles and automotive shoppers. Vehicle photos and walkaround videos not only boost consumer engagement, but shopper confidence as well. Unique vehicle stories give automotive shoppers further reassurance that the vehicle is right for them.

2. Top 8 Digital Blogs of 2016 (You May Have Missed)

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of JulyEquipping automotive dealers with high quality information is one of Dominion’s top priorities. Whether it’s offering fresh perspectives on industry trends, sharing technology insights, or providing content for your next sales meeting, retail automotive dealers can find the latest automotive industry knowledge in our blogs. Here are the top performing digital marketing blogs from the first half of 2016!

3. Three Stats that Prove Why Vehicle Pricing is Key

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of JulyVehicle price plays a critical role in the consumer decision- making process during the car buying cycle. Shoppers focus on how a vehicle will fit within their budget before scrolling through photos or reading descriptions. Therefore, it’s not an option for your auto dealership to post the prices of new and used vehicles for sale – it’s a must.


4. Tips For Improving Your Dealership’s Vehicle Photos

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of JulyHaving custom, high quality photos of your in-stock vehicle inventory is vital in order for your automotive dealership to be successful. Car shoppers expect to see real, custom photos of vehicles on your dealership’s VDP. They give shoppers confidence; providing a connection between them and the vehicle, and drive engagement. Here are tips on ways to improve your vehicle’s photos. 




5. Routine Maintenance on Your CTAs

Dominion's Top 5 Blogs of JulyOnline calls-to-action (CTAs) engage automotive shoppers. They lead car shoppers to click on emails, social media, and search ads. CTAs are critical elements of your auto dealership’s marketing efforts. A successful CTA adds value to the click for the shopper. Here are some tips to consider when you dealership revamps your CTA strategy.

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