Hidden Gem: Inventory Analytics

Hidden Gem: Inventory Analytics


dds_hidden_gem-logoDo you know how your inventory pricing compares to the market? Is your inventory taking on water? Are you pricing your inventory too high or too low? How can you be sure?

Turn your data into meaningful information and insight with just one powerful tool within Dominion Inventory Manager. The Inventory Analytics tools in Inventory Manager provides automotive dealers with 100% confidence in their pricing strategy decisions by analyzing the market and helping manage inventory investments.

The Inventory Analytics tools in Inventory Manager give you 100% confidence in your pricing strategy decisions…

It all starts with the Analytics Dashboard. Several dashboard widgets analyze and fine-tune a dealership’s investment strategy and quickly make critical decisions using historical trend data. Using the “Analytics Dealer Investment” widget, dealers can see snapshot graphs of their inventory investments, market comparison data, water report metrics, pricing evaluations, and capital investment data.

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In addition, the “Analytics Dealer Vehicle Summary” widget provides aging details about an inventory investment, including vehicle count, investment and markup data, and market comparison pricing.


Utilizing these analytics tools gives today’s automotive dealers a competitive edge within their local markets and allows them to re-evaluate an inventory strategy with metrics that matter. Don’t miss out, add these widgets to your dashboard in Inventory Manager today and kick-off 2017 with compelling visual insights into your inventory strategy.

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