Hidden Gem: Inventory Pending Status

Hidden Gem: Inventory Pending Status

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

DDS Hidden Gem“I’m not ready to go live yet!” Does your dealership currently use Dominion’s polling service to import your inventory into our system? Do you worry about vehicles getting published before they are actually ready because they are still in the detail shop, out as a loaner, or are just not ready to go live?

Fear no more! Dominion has a hidden gem within its inventory importing process that will help alleviate this concern and allow you to manage your current vehicle inventory with ease.

Manage Your Inventory Effortlessly- Learn How

During your inventory polling process, select the criteria to be considered before your vehicles are live, such as: mileage, status code, stock number, price, or days in stock. From there, our polling process will flag the inventory with the indicated criteria and place the vehicles in ‘Pending’ for you. You can do this after setup as well. Simply email polling@getauto.com with your criteria and provide stock examples that fit the criteria.

Once the vehicles are in ‘Pending’, they can be viewed in Dominion Inventory Manager and they will remain in a hold status within the system until the flag changes on your end. For example, if you filter used vehicles that have been on the lot for less than 14 days, each vehicle with this criteria will be moved to ‘Pending’ status, and will only move to ‘Active’ status on Day 15. Voila! It’s that easy to manage your inventory the way YOU want to, and ensure your customers are shopping the vehicles that are readily available.

…manage your inventory the way YOU want to, and ensure your customers are shopping the vehicles that are readily available

Benefits to using pending status to manage your vehicle inventory include:

  • Pending inventory is able to be viewed in Dominion Inventory Manager.
  • Edits can be made to pending inventory via Dominion Inventory Manager or your DMS (with the exception of flagging criteria).
  • The vehicle will automatically go into active status once criteria/flag changes – no additional changes are needed from you.

To start alleviating worry and managing your inventory with ease, call 877.421.1040.


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