Lester Raines Honda – What Good Looks Like: Websites Edition

Lester Raines Honda – What Good Looks Like: Websites Edition

This month’s automotive website design spotlight focuses on Lester Raines Honda. Their website was recently redesigned by the Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Website Team. It’s time to share their results and the design features that make this new website so effective!

Lester Raines Honda is a new and used car dealership located in South Charleston, West Virginia. Their website is an outstanding extension of their dealership and has a very strong, clean design.

When evaluating year-over-year results since the redesign, the dealership has experienced:

  • 67.0% increase in leads
  • 34.8% growth in unique visitors
  • 32.1% increase in website sessions

Features driving these impressive results include:

  • Bold imagery draws a shopper’s eye down to the CTAs.
  • Important information is kept “above the fold”.
  • Button style design moves shoppers’ eyes across the page to deeper content

Additionally, the Lester Raines’ Service Center area on the homepage has a combination of OEM, dealer, and stock images to give the site authenticity. The content on the Service Center pages is short and simple with just enough detail to draw customers in and make them click further into the site.

Because of their partnership with the Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Website Team, Lester Raines Honda’s strikingly clean and simple site continues to drive results.

In need of a better responsive website? Want results like the ones shown above? Click or call Dominion Dealer Solutions today, and start driving more website leads!

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