Challenges Dealers Face and How to Fix Them

Challenges Dealers Face and How to Fix Them

In a recent edition of Auto Remarketing, Amy Peck, director of marketing services, speaks on a few of the challenges facing automotive dealerships today. Some of these challenges are new with the switch into the digital age, while others have continued to haunt dealers for years.

The greatest challenge auto dealers are facing today is the same as years ago, the lack of trust by shoppers.

Amy believes the greatest challenge auto dealers are facing today is the same as years ago; the lack of trust from car shoppers. Recently, dealers have done their best to make improvements by encouraging customers to write reviews on various websites. The positive ones are seen by all, while the negative reviews are forwarded to an employee at the dealership to resolve the issue. It can be difficult to find the time to view and respond to every online review, so dealers turn to vendors for products that assist with managing reviews.

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Another challenge facing many dealers is a lack of training. The goal is to make sure the car shopper has the best experience possible to try and bring them back at a later date; whether for service or purchasing a new car. With the proper on-site training and an award- winning equity tool, dealership employees have the ability to approach service customers to try and get them into a new vehicle with no money down and a similar payment. It’s a win-win for both the customer and the dealership!

Many dealers are falling behind on “mobile moments.” These mobile moments include the need to focus on local SEO and voice search. Car shoppers are increasingly using their phones to shop for vehicles. By making local SEO a priority, it increases the likelihood the shopper will visit your website. Amy points out that in addition to SEO, auto dealers need to make sure their new or used car dealership’s website content is conversational. It needs to provide content that can answer the car shopper’s questions. If it does not provide this, shoppers will leave and look elsewhere.

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