Your Mobile Phone Holds The Key To More Customers!

Your Mobile Phone Holds The Key To More Customers!

In today’s world, cell phones seem to be extensions of our arms – and your dealership’s sales team is no different than the rest of us. A salesperson will thrive if they have the same equity insight on their mobile device as they do on their desktop computer.

Dealerships that utilize equity mining mobile apps enable their sales team to keep a watchful eye on the service drive for potential equity customers. When salespeople break free from their desks and can roam the service drive armed with equity data in the palm of their hand they are far more likely to capitalize opportunities.

Once customers are identified in the service drive, consider these tips for making the most of those opportunities.

Top Tips For Approaching Customers In Your Service Drive:

  1. Make eligible in-equity service customers feel important by writing their names on a visible dry erase board in the service department, inviting them into the showroom.

  2. Have specific cars ready for targeted in-equity customers to test drive or provide a loaner that they would be eligible to purchase.

  3. Provide your service team with a list of in-equity customers each morning to greet and walk to the showroom. “Johnny asked about you and wanted to see you when you arrived.”

  4. Check your service drive equity leads first thing in the morning and make it a point to meet with all of your in-equity opportunities in the service waiting room.

  5. Handwrite a note for your Service Coordinator to present to targeted customers saying you would love to catch up with them and to please stop by the showroom.


At the end of the day, customers can go anywhere to get maintenance work done. Drive them back to your dealership by committing to provide the best possible owner experience and have your sales team ready to work those opportunities, even from their mobile devices.

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