More Data Than Ever! New Car Incentives Expands

More Data Than Ever! New Car Incentives Expands

According to Edmunds, car shoppers who look at vehicle incentives are 3x more likely to buy, when compared to the average shopper. Incentives are enticing and provide the shoppers with a sense of attainment that a good deal has been found. As a dealer, you certainly do not want to miss out on this “ah-ha” moment for the shopper.

…car shoppers who look at incentives are 3x more likely to purchase a vehicle.

Automotive manufacturers can have anywhere from 20 to 25 incentive programs running at any given time. Keeping these updated for each inventory unit can be strenuous for dealers. What if one vehicle has multiple available incentives? What about an incentive that is available to several vehicles? How do you ensure a vehicle isn’t missed?

With one of the highest incentive availability rates, dealers now have a one-stop shop for locating, filtering, applying, and managing incentives within the Dominion Inventory Manager. This enhancement allows for up to 95% mapping success with AIS incentive data, providing more data in Inventory Manager than ever before!

Get Results with Even More Incentive Data! Learn How.

Coupled with the exclusive IVM Rules Engine, automotive dealers can locate incentives and apply them automatically to any inventory that matches the incentives criteria. The new, consolidated workflow brings all New Car Incentives data and tasks together in one place, and makes identifying available incentives and applying them to inventory as easy as a few clicks.

“New-car shoppers can expect a year with slightly higher interest rates on auto loans, but those increases will likely be offset by rising automaker incentives,’’ predicts NADA chief economist, Steven Szakaly. Paired with market analytics in our Dominion Inventory Pro package, dealers can price new vehicles more accurately and competitively to help offset those high interest rates predicted for 2017.

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