New Car Incentives: Pricing for Profitability Made Easy

New Car Incentives: Pricing for Profitability Made Easy

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

Is your dealership’s new car pricing strategy aggressive enough? Knowing what relevant OEM incentives and rebates are available for each of your vehicles gives your dealership an edge within the market and allows you to price to win!

Car shoppers respond to good deals. Offer the most competitive deal, to ensure shoppers don’t become frustrated and move on to other dealers. Incentives enhance your pricing strategy and give customers the confidence to buy from your dealership. New Car Incentives range from Lease Deals, Finance Incentives, Cash Back Rebates, Bonus Cash, Military and Student Discounts, and more. With so many available incentives and hidden-gem-image-2-blog-1handfuls of different makes and models on your lot, you don’t want to miss out on an incentive that your competitor can also offer. This is why leveraging a user-friendly pricing tool packed with hundreds of available incentives is a necessity in order to provide the most competitive price for every new vehicle.

“In today’s new car market, savvy customers are aware of market prices for their vehicle choice and focus their retail efforts on getting the best deal. Competitively pricing your inventory and being transparent in all New Car Incentives gives you the market edge,” explains Joseph Batts, Product Manager for Dominion Inventory Manager.

Price for Profitability Today – Learn More about New Car Incentives

New Car Incentives and Rebates are often the deciding factor for car shoppers when they are narrowing down their decision of what and where to buy. As you can imagine, when a shopper is torn between which car to buy, he or she will most likely go with the dealer that offers more incentives. Including vehicle incentive information is a great way to catch the eye of today’s car buyers and entice them to purchase vehicles from your lot – instead of your competitors’. Why take the risk when there are tools to help? As a matter of fact, our New Car Incentives are getting a makeover to help you manage incentives more easily and price for profitability with confidence.

“Inventory Manager is broadening its competitive set data and incentive mapping to expose more market-based inventory pricing and available incentives, paving the way for dealers to set the precise, optimal new vehicle price per unit,” states Batts.

Check out the most recent facelift within our New Car Incentives tool, and stay tuned for more information around future New Car Incentive improvements.

For more information on how you can accelerate your New Car Incentives strategy, check out our website or call 877.421.1040.

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