Optimizing Vehicle Sales Through Video

Optimizing Vehicle Sales Through Video

There is no doubt that the focus of the automotive consumer has shifted from offline to online research throughout the buying cycle involved in purchasing a new vehicle. Capturing the attention of online consumers has never been harder as dealers compete for the minimal face-to-face interactions that car shoppers offer today. With consumers spending more time online, dealers must take the time to optimize their video and web presence. Both of these efforts increase dealership visits and consequently, vehicle sales.

If your dealership hasn’t begun its video optimization efforts, now is the time to start! Google has recently announced that time spent watching automotive videos has increased two-fold in the past year. There are three primary types of videos in which consumers search for the most when shopping for a new vehicle. Test drives, features and options, and walk-through videos capture the most consumer attention and drive these online shoppers to the dealership.

The Test Drive

Test drive videos are literally just that- videos that show how the car drives. Some include customer testimonials or explain features that pertain to a specific make, model or vehicle. The video provided shows a 2013 Chevy Camaro in action. It takes customers on a journey that allows them to see how the car handles without physically driving it. Ideally, the video then brings shoppers into the dealership to test drive the vehicle for themselves, and purchase the car of interest.

Features and Options

The second kind of video Google recommends is a small snapshot of the features and options that each specific vehicle provides for the consumer. Here, Phillips Chevrolet in Chicago explains the features of a Chevy Silverado that’s currently for sale on their lot. By not only explaining, but showing how each feature works and benefits the consumer, the dealership takes a proactive approach to answering the questions that a shopper could ask. While every dealership has a different way to showcase the features and options of each vehicle, this is a simple and effective way to promote this specific vehicle to in-market shoppers.

The Walkthrough

The last kind of video that all dealerships should be using today is the walk-through video. During this video, the consumer should be able to see what both the interior and exterior of a specific vehicle looks like. This video allows consumers to get a much better picture of the car that they might buy, and drives them into the dealership to examine the vehicle in person. Many dealerships still use vehicle photos, and not videos, for this. While photos are great, nothing really compares to live action videos of the vehicles on your lot.

If your dealership hasn’t started using videos for every single vehicle listing, it’s not too late! Dominion Dealer Solutions is here to help your dealership with all of its video needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to a Dominion Specialist today or call us at 877.421.1040.

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