Prime Response Unveils Next Gen Social Media Advertising Capabilities

Prime Response Unveils Next Gen Social Media Advertising Capabilities

Prime Response Unveils Next Gen Social Media Advertising Capabilities

Equity mining, fixed ops, dynamic retargeting and predictive ads now available for automotive dealers

Norfolk, VA – January 26, 2017– Dominion Dealer Solutions announced today that Prime Response, its award-winning provider of reputation and social media management tools for auto dealers,has launched next gen automotive social ads for fixed ops, dynamic retargeting, predictive advertising, and equity mining.

With Equity Social Ads, dealers have access to the automotive industry’s leading equity engine, DealActivator, combined with Prime Response’s social media management platform. Dealers using DealActivator can generate a list of equity customers who can be targeted on social media with custom ad campaigns. This combination of DMS data, social ROI tracking, Facebook and top partner integrations creates a distinct advantage for dealers using Dominion’s Equity Social Advertising. These ads are fully managed campaigns that reach in-market shoppers in the shopping funnel. Dealers reach local market equity customers through DealActivator’s equity data and Facebook’s hyper-targeting ad options.

In addition to Equity Social Ads, dealers can drive more fixed ops business through Dominion’s Fixed Ops ads, a low-cost channel that extends the dealership’s messaging from email marketing or direct mail marketing into social media. Dominion’s Fixed Ops ads deliver relevant, service-based Facebook advertising to current, conquest, and lost soul customers. This comprehensive strategy drives fixed ops revenue for automotive dealerships by enhancing their success from email and direct mail marketing. Fixed Ops social ads leverage DMS data to drive one-to-one messages for dealers, letting their ads stand out from the competition.

“Prime Response’s Next Gen Social Media not only helps automotive dealerships sell cars through advanced hyper-targeting but also increases bottom-line revenue with improved shopper segmentation. It’s time that dealerships get more personalized on social media, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to embrace the future of digital advertising and get ahead of their competitors,” stated Mat Lee, product manager for Prime Response.

For dealers that want to re-engage with online automotive shoppers in a personal and meaningful way, Dominion offers Dynamic Retargeting ads that drive deep-linked VDP traffic by displaying the exact vehicles that shoppers previously viewed even if they didn’t submit a lead. Dealers can retarget unlimited online shoppers at a critical point in the shopping experience, keeping the dealership’s brand and inventory in front of relevant shoppers. With a full Facebook ad integration, Dominion’s Dynamic Retargeting ads dynamically display ad content on each shopper’s Facebook News Feed.

Dealers also have the option of using Predictive Advertising to provide relevant, inventory-based Facebook advertising to in-market or near-market consumers. By leveraging data mining to uncover the traits and profiles of shoppers most likely to buy, dealers reach in-market shoppers with their inventory. With a seamless inventory integration, Predictive Advertising drives relevant traffic to both a dealership’s Vehicle Detail (VDPs) and Search Results Pages (SRPs).

For more information on the benefits of Dominion’s Next Gen Social Media Advertising for your automotive dealership, please call 877-421-1040.

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