StoryBuilder: The Gift of Leads

StoryBuilder: The Gift of Leads

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, especially for retailers and other businesses. However, with cold weather keeping many shoppers indoors, the holiday season can sometimes be slow for dealerships. Although most manufacturers and dealerships advertise holiday discounts and special financing, car sales tend to slow during this time.

But don’t fret, there are simple ways to ensure your vehicles shine for those car shoppers who are hoping to snag a great deal during the holiday season.

Dominion StoryBuilder® takes the stress out of creating engaging vehicle comments by automatically pulling the right information for each vehicle and formulating a unique narrative for each vehicle.

Give yourself the gift of leads – See how!

For example, SUVs tend to be the most sought-out-for vehicles during the winter months in the areas where snowfall can be treacherous. StoryBuilder focuses on consumer-centric features like 4-wheel drive, heated seats, traction control, bluetooth, etc. Whereas, other automatic comment tools just flood the comments box with boring, unengaging features that every vehicle has.

This takes so much time off my hands. We sell 15 cars in two days. I don’t have time to sit down and write an ad for everyone. StoryBuilder is a lifesaver– I love it. – Olathe Kia

During a season where lot traffic may be slow, dealers need to up their game with online merchandising and focus on shopper needs to bring in the leads. StoryBuilder does just that, and saves many hours of manual work, so your team can focus on the sale!

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