Top 100 Franchise Used Car Dealers

Top 100 Franchise Used Car Dealers

Dominion Dealer Solutions, an industry-leading provider of advanced automotive technologies, congratulates the dealers that have been selected by Auto Remarketing as the 2017 Top 100 Franchise Automotive Dealers. The Top 100 Franchise Dealerships edition is the second in a two-part series from Auto Remarketing magazine.


This year’s franchise used car dealership rankings are based on the data powered by Dominion Dealer Solutions’ own Cross-Sell Reports. Cross-Sell collects its data from vehicle title registrations from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Though this data does span the United States, Cross-Sell Reports does not cover all 50 states. Given that sales are based on vehicle registrations from each state’s DMV, sales to customers who register their vehicles out of state are not included in a dealer’s sales total.

Without a doubt, the Top 100 Franchise Dealers deserve accolades for their success. The determination, persistence, and consistency necessary to achieve this comes from each and every member of the team at these dealerships. Congratulations from everyone at Dominion Dealer Solutions. We wish you all the best for the year of 2017!

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