Vehicle Photo Tips for Success

Vehicle Photo Tips for Success

Photographing new or used vehicle inventory doesn’t just mean taking pictures of a car, it’s showing shoppers why they should visit your dealership’s lot. The process of vehicle photography has many longstanding questions: How many images are best? Which images are most appealing to customers? What is the best way to accomplish various best practices efficiently?

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There are a few basics to always keep in mind: 

1. Capture the whole vehicle inside and out.

2. Take your photos from the point of view of customers- as if they were physically on your lot.

3. Wait until the vehicle is front-line ready! Often, car dealers want to take photos and post them to their inventory pages before the cars are purchase-ready.

Want more ways to make your new or used cars stand out? Check out the infographic for more tips on how to make sure that your inventory grabs the attention of online car shoppers.

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