Video: The #1 Source for Driving Visits to your Lot

Video: The #1 Source for Driving Visits to your Lot

By: Kathleen Lawrence, Product Marketing Manager, Inventory

The first issue of The Definitive Guide to Automotive Inventory Management revealed that using actual pictures of your inventory drives customers to your dealership. This issue will discuss how videos further enhance consumer confidence, engagement, and drive customers to your dealership.

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According to Forrester Research, online video is the #1 format for promoting car shopper consideration. Car shoppers use videos that contain expert reviews, test drives, and walkthroughs to narrow down their vehicle consideration list. These videos boost consumer confidence and provide a visual of owning the car in question.

Here are some car shopper stats to consider:

  • 74% say online videos helped them learn more about specific cars or trucks*
  • 72% say YouTube influenced their purchase by providing “in-action” videos of vehicles they were considering*
  • 49% of car shoppers visit a dealership after watching an online video*

Videos not only give your dealership a competitive advantage, but provide car shoppers with the information needed to make the decision to visit your dealership. Optimized websites with videos are more likely to appear on the first page of Google, increasing the likeliness that customers will visit your website.

Online videos are a consumer-driven strategy for dealership success. With online video consumption predicted to take as much as 80% of consumer internet traffic by 2018, your dealership must begin taking advantage of video.  

Download the complete second issue of The Definitive Guide to Automotive Inventory Management, Using Live Video for New and Used Vehicles for more details on how to strategically use videos on your website to drive eCommerce success.



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