Wrap Up Your VDPs with StoryBuilder

Wrap Up Your VDPs with StoryBuilder

Does your dealership give car shoppers adequate and engaging vehicle comments? When it comes to online vehicle descriptions for new or used car listings, the answer is probably not. Did you know that 26% more car buyers traveled 30+ miles to an automotive dealership that had custom vehicle comments?

According to CarStory, more than half of the men and women surveyed said that they do not find the information in vehicle descriptions to be adequate enough to make a purchasing decision. This means that, in the majority of cases, the unique commentary provided for each vehicle has a determining factor in whether or not online shoppers arrive at your new or used car dealership.

When your new or used vehicle listings give shoppers the information they need, you’ll give your dealership the gift of leads this season!

Don’t wait! Add the “bows and ribbons” to your VDPs with Dominion StoryBuilder today! Click or call 877.421.1040 to get started.


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