3 CRM Basics to Save Time & Increase Revenue

3 CRM Basics to Save Time & Increase Revenue

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

Each year I attend a fair number of trade shows, which gives me the opportunity to talk with auto dealers shopping for new software products. I am always pleased to discover that our CRM is our most popular solution at these events. With its advanced marketing and integration features, it’s no surprise that dealers are interested in learning more. However, I want to remind these dealers that bells and whistles only go so far.  A CRM must be fully utilized in order to bring value to the dealership.

A CRM must be fully utilized in order to bring value to the dealership.

Here are three CRM basics that will save you time as well as bring new business to your auto dealership.

  1. Organize your Customer Data
    Use your CRM to record customer details — from phone numbers to vehicles of interest and from kids’ names to birthdays. Just think of the all the information you receive from the prospects and customers that walk through your doors.  When sales reps take the time to note all of the pertinent details associated with customers, they can draw on that information in the future — and so can your Service reps when that customer comes into your Service Drive
  2. Manage Your Activity
    Every good CRM allows you to build an activity record.  From phone calls to emails to meetings, a sales professional can schedule and create their daily plans using the CRM.  Tie that activity to your robust customer data, and you now have an intelligent log.  Once the information is in your CRM, it’s easy for a rep or manager to quickly look at a customer’s record and see how the buying cycle has progressed.  This will take the mystery out of your customer interactions in both the Sales and Service departments.
  3. Predict Your Future
    If your teams are using your CRM to document activities and customer information, you can predict your dealership’s future revenue. Creating activity pipelines can help your reps become more organized in their communication with prospects. The more you know about your team’s customer relationships, the better you’ll be at forecasting your sales results.

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As you review CRM technology for your auto dealership — from third-party integrations to BDC functionality — remember to review these basics.  Ensure that your next CRM allows reps to easily enter activity and customer data. These functions will help you save time and earn money.

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