The Race Is On! MARIADA article highlights Rapid Lead Response

The Race Is On! MARIADA article highlights Rapid Lead Response

By Lindsay Crosson, Product Marketing Manager

Today’s automotive dealerships are well aware that their leads come in three main categories: Internet, phone and walk-in leads. While these types of leads haven’t changed since the 90s, what undeniably has changed is how those leads expect to be contacted.

In an article published in MidAtlantic Dealer News our own Lance Vesely, Sales Director for Web Control, considers how lead responses effect multiple touchpoints including tracking, reporting and follow up. Lance summarizes the evolution and competitive nature  of today’s CRM market. He explains the crucial importance of rapid response and connecting with an interested customer before your competitors do.

Download the full article to get a fresh take on the best practices and processes for increasing your conversion rate and achieving rapid lead response!

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