3 Ways Dealers Can Grow New Business Opportunity

3 Ways Dealers Can Grow New Business Opportunity

In the new eight-part eBook, Rocking Your Sales Funnel, Chapter 1 considered the customer’s perspective (complex buying behavior), and Chapter 2, discussed the customer’s process by reviewing the modern sales funnel. Now the question becomes, “How do we use this funnel to SELL MORE CARS”?

In the latest chapter release of Rocking Your Sales Funnel, we address the three ways dealers can grow new business opportunities:

  1. Increase the rate of opportunity intake
  2. Increase the rate of opportunity pass through
  3. Increase the points of entry (into the opportunity funnel)

Understand the Dealer’s Opportunity in the Car Shopper’s Process – Download Chapter 3

After downloading and reading this chapter, ask of yourself and your team, “Given a renewed view of the customer’s perspective and shopping process, what adjustments could be made to push more shoppers into, through, and out of the funnel?

Check out next week’s blog for the next chapter of Rocking Your Sales Funnel. For more information on how Dominion Digital Marketing can help your dealership sell more cars call 877.421.1040.

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