4 Tips to Win Over Your Your New Equity Prospects

4 Tips to Win Over Your Your New Equity Prospects

In our automotive data mining blog series, we have stressed the importance of the many factors that make equity mining successful: proper training, robust data, and social media advertising. Today we will focus on the more traditional, yet still highly important, marketing channels.

…auto dealers must be able to properly market to them to reap the financial benefits.

Discovering highly qualified equity customers in a new or used car dealership’s database can be extremely lucrative, but automotive dealers must be able to properly market to them. It is best to hit every touch point when marketing to these potential new buyers. Below are some tips on how to best harness the power of the 3 ways to communicate: call/text, letter, email.

Four Tips for Marketing to Equity Prospects:

  1. Don’t blast your customer database
  2. Build smarter campaigns
  3. Pay attention to click through rates
  4. Follow up on direct mail and email communications

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