A Star QB for Your Digital Game

A Star QB for Your Digital Game

A Star QB for Your Digital Game

By: Mike Lazzari, Deployment Team Leader

Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Joe Montana. Terry Bradshaw. Whether in recent past or years gone by, it takes a star quarterback to lead a great team.

The same is true for your automotive dealership as you look into the digital future of your business.

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A digital quarterback has his eyes on the prize of marketing world success. Regardless of the digital game, your quarterback is rated by how well he:

  • Connects the dots of a marketing strategy
  • Executes that strategy through continuous content across multiple channels
  • Ensures the dealership’s digital presence is seen and heard
  • Drives business forward

For dealers subscribing to multiple digital marketing solutions from Dominion Dealer Solutions, this star quarterback is the Digital Performance Manager (DPM). This individual serves as a single point of contact; coordinating all aspects of every digital solution you have with Dominion.

The DPM’s main goal is to ensure the success described above for every dealer client. But, just as every football team is more than its quarterback, every dealership’s ultimate success is more than top-shelf DPM.

So, how can your dealership get the most from a Dominion DPM? Consider these five best practices to take your automotive dealership closer to the digital Super Bowl.

1) Communication

This is arguably the most important piece of building a successful relationship with your Dominion DPM. In a given month, multiple tasks are juggled for your dealership, with some needing an immediate response. Be sure to take their calls and respond to their emails. Making time for strong communication yields results.

2) Scheduling

It can be tough when working in a dealership, but scheduling time for your Dominion DPM is critical to success. They too are working off of a pretty tight schedule, so set meetings helps keep things flowing. A monthly digital analysis call and a weekly/bi-weekly follow-up is all that is needed.

3) Timeliness

In the marketing world, turnaround time is key. Your DPM works hard to keep things running smoothly so that deliverables are shipped on time. Making sure to get information, offers, feedback, and other items to your DPM on time helps achieve success.

4) Honesty

Being honest is important in all business partnerships, but from the dealer side of the fence it helps the DPM tailor their approach to a specific dealership. Make sure to always let them know about dealer goals.

5) Trust

Perhaps the most important of the bunch, every Dominion DPM works hard to gain 100% dealer trust. A dealer’s success is their success, so the DPM will do everything in his or her power to complete tasks, fix issues and keep customers aware of everything going on.

Playing for Keeps

Following these best practices will keep your dealership moving toward digital marketing success. Your Dominion DPM is more than just a part of your team — he is your star digital quarterback. Partner well. Run the plays. Enjoy the success.

Now, let’s get out there and make it happen! 

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