Are You Stuck in a New Car Incentive Nightmare?

Are You Stuck in a New Car Incentive Nightmare?

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

Are you spending valuable time each month manually sorting through OEM incentives only to update each listing when it expires? Are you navigating through multiple screens to determine vehicle eligibility? Does deciphering rebate combinations make you feel like you’re trying to crack Da Vinci’s Code?

Constantly searching for incentives to get your buyers the best deals can feel like a never-ending nightmare. Dominion Inventory Manager helps alleviate that pressure with its enhancements and improved New Car Incentives workflow. Last month, we explained a handful of releases that ensure dealers have the best experience and efficiencies within our New Car Incentives tool.

This month, we are excited to showcase an upgraded New Car Incentives and Pricing Tool that simplifies the complex world of automotive incentives. This new design ultimately makes it easier for dealers to maximize the application of new car incentives and rebates all within ONE window.

…maximize the application of new car incentives and rebates all within ONE window.

In case you’re not a regular user of the Pricing and/or New Car Incentives pages within Inventory Manager, here are a few of the major updates:

  • The Incentives Page is gone! It has been integrated into the vehicle pricing page, allowing dealers to apply new car incentives easily. Gain a better view of your entire pricing strategy with market-based pricing, competitive information and new car incentives all in one place. No need to navigate between pages anymore!


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  • A new filter has been created so that dealers can view new vehicles that DO NOT have an incentive rule of any kind applied. Easily identify and troubleshoot vehicles that are without incentives.



  • Quickly add incentives by searching for specific makes and applying the relevant incentives. For example, if you are a dealer that sells Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota. Simply enter “Nissan” in the search box, and the grid will display only the incentives with “Nissan” in the description.


Get ready to maximize your pricing strategy with less manual work and an improved user workflow with New Car Incentives. Call 877.421.1040 to price for profitability today!


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