Carfagno Chevrolet Boosts Sales by 17% Using Dominion’s DealActivator

Carfagno Chevrolet Boosts Sales by 17% Using Dominion’s DealActivator

When previous equity solutions failed to meet the needs of Carfagno Chevrolet, the dealership found itself in the market for a new equity mining software. Becky Irwin, Business Development Manager, attended one of Dominion’s national Success Workshops and was introduced to DealActivator. Impressed by how knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaging the Dominion team was during the event, she immediately reached out to learn more.

In less than one year, DealActivator has generated 249 deals with over $580,000 in gross for Carfagno Chevrolet

DealActivator, Dominion’s award-winning equity mining solution, allows dealerships like Carfagno Chevrolet to create campaigns that reengage highly-qualified equity customers. With the help of Soft Credit Pulls, Irwin identified equity data for conquest customers in the service drive. Every conquest customer sent to sales has already been pre-qualified, making this a win-win situation for Irwin. “It takes the heat off the sales team and puts the customer at ease,” she explains.

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With DealActivator, Carfagno Chevrolet has moved from selling around 85 cars a month to selling 100 cars per month. Irwin believes this success is the result of the joint effort between her team and Dominion Dealer Solutions. “Everyone from DealActivator has such a wealth of information. I have never spoken to anyone at Dominion without learning something new. Our partnership is a success”.

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