DealActivator Boot Camp Update

DealActivator Boot Camp Update

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

Over the last few weeks, the Dominion Dealer Solutions’ DealActivator team has hosted several two-hour Boot Camps around the country.  These intense learning sessions are designed to quickly ramp up our customer’s’ equity-mining lead-generation success, and subsequently, their ROI.

At these events, dealers learn DealActivator best practices derived directly from dealers who have shared successful tactics and process to ensure a greater ROI. Topics range from reviewing the value of Soft Credit Pulls and leave behinds to customizing the vehicle matching component to get true matches for vehicles on your lot with specific prospects and service customers.

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Some quotes from happy attendees include:

I have been using DealActivator for about a year now and even though I had training and continue to learn as I play around more in it, I really felt this was valuable use of my time.  I learned a lot and it was good to hear new ideas on things we can do.”

“Seeing how the product can generate traffic without much effort, particularly catching a service customer’s attention with leave behinds, is big for me. I learned today for sure the value of leave behinds!”

“I just love our Equity Specialist, Brad Lorenz.  I like talking to him because he helps me out and he makes me laugh.”

There is a true ROI associated with this training.  The impact of spending two hours with experts is incredible. Participating dealers report that sales increase after these events — one dealership experienced a 23% increase in sales!  Join us at one of our upcoming Boot Camps even if you’re an experienced user.  We are confident that you will benefit with new insights, valuable best practices and proven tactics on how to get the most out of the DealActivator solution.

Click here to register for either the morning or afternoon DealActivator Boot Camp in Indianapolis on October 5.

Stay tuned for information on the following Boot Camps:

East Whippany  – October 12
Tampa – October 25
Denver – October 26
Cleveland – November 8
Miami – November 10
Detroit – December 6
Phoenix – December 13

Need some training, but can’t make it to a Boot Camp? Check out Dominion Dealer University.

To learn more about how DealActivator can boot leads in your dealership, call 877.421.1040.

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