Dick Hannah Kia Moves 23% of Monthly Sales Goal with DealActivator

Dick Hannah Kia Moves 23% of Monthly Sales Goal with DealActivator

Is your dealership finding it difficult to track down high-quality leads? Have you been overpaying for leads in hopes of speeding up inventory turn? Tiffany Carpenter, Business Development Manager at Dick Hannah Kia was disappointed with the quantity and quality of leads her dealership was receiving. Then she discovered the power of DealActivator, Dominion’s award-winning equity mining solution.

“With DealActivator, my staff isn’t wasting time digging into leads that aren’t qualified,” explains Tiffany. Every morning, she goes through the list of customers scheduled for service and starts calling. Because these customers already have an established a relationship with the dealership, her efforts are more successful. Each month since adding DealActivator, Dick Hannah Kia has moved 30-40 vehicles thanks to the solution. That is 23% of their total monthly sales.

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DealActivator allows you to create campaigns that uncover your dealership’s potential equity customers in just a few clicks. With DealActivator, auto dealers can determine the current value of each vehicle, calculate payoff, identify a specific term based on buyer preference and determine a specific rate based on buyer history. DealActivator turns current customers into repeat buyers.

To learn more about how DealActivator can provide your dealership with a constant stream of highly qualified equity customers, call 877.421.1040.

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