Dominion Dealer Solutions Wins AWA Awards at NADA

Dominion Dealer Solutions Wins AWA Awards at NADA

Automotive Website Awards

Dominion Dealer Solutions, automotive industry leader in responsive websites, reputation management, equity mining, and inventory management, was recently recognized with two Automotive Website Awards during NADA 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Dominion received awards for both its Prime Response and Inventory Merchandising solutions. The AWAs annually acknowledge the best websites, CRMs, and advertising products within the automotive industry.

Prime Response is a comprehensive reputation and social media management platform. It gives automotive franchise dealers the ability to promote inventory on social media, track and respond to negative reviews, and send follow-up surveys for consumers.  Dealers access all of this data in one central location with Prime’s digital dashboard. This easy and effective solution helps dealers drive success, with 95% of dealers saying that they would recommend this platform to industry peers.* Reviews play a significant role in the consumer’s shopping journey. 82% of consumers report that three negative reviews within the last 30 days can determine whether they visit your dealership.** It is critical for dealers to respect the influence that reviews can have on their success. Social media advertising through Prime Response adds new opportunities for dealerships to promote both their brands and current inventory. Developing strategies to take full advantage of this emerging media outlet is critical for today’s dealerships. To download the full PCG Prime Response research study, click here.

Successful inventory management is the foundation of every dealership. Dominion’s Inventory Merchandising solution provides dealers with insight into not only their own inventory, but that of their competitors as well. Dealers connect and engage consumers online with vehicle-specific merchandising content including: professional photos, video and comments. Consumers expect to see actual photos of vehicles on your dealership’s VDP.  New car shoppers expect to see actual photos of the vehicle, not OEM stock photos. Providing these photos to consumers also provides specific insights; that the vehicle may actually be in stock and that the color, features, and specifications match the description. For used car shoppers, 69% expect to see up to 30 photos of the interior and exterior.** Consumers rely on these photos for dealership transparency. They can see if the actual condition of the vehicle matches the description. High quality and quantity of photos can differentiate a dealership from its competitors. This platform provides a “one-stop-shop” interface for dealers to interact with their inventory. A mobile app is also available. For more insights regarding how inventory merchandising affects your dealership’s success, download the full PCG Research Study here.

PCG created the Automotive Website Awards program in 2008. Since then, they have been providing dealerships with independent reviews and recommendations for automotive technology. Their recommendations are to help dealerships improve processes and increase profits. PCG is a leader in dealership education, consulting, and product research.

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