Drill Down Reporting: The Ultimate Time-Saver

Drill Down Reporting: The Ultimate Time-Saver

Do you spend more time querying reports or analyzing data? Year End, Month End, Quarter End – so many reports, so little time. The relentless accounting calendar keeps all of us busy — and sometimes exhausted. Today, smartphones and online shopping interfaces have conditioned consumers to be able to point and click for immediate details about specific information or data. The same is not always true in today’s automotive dealerships, especially when pulling reports or digging deeper into data from the dealership management systems.

Imagine this scenario:

A general manager is evaluating the month’s productivity for his dealership. In some systems, to compare the current figures to those of the same period last month or last year, he may find he has to print reports from multiple dates to calculate and compare totals.

What if that manager could use a single report to evaluate data from this month, last month, the same month last year, YTD, and even YTD for last year? The manager would enjoy the freedom from report-pulling — and be able to spend more time doing the actual productivity analysis.

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Here’s another scenario:

A manager is reviewing this week’s productivity at his auto dealership and has a question about a specific total. In order to get the detail, he has to write multiple queries to access to the underlying data.

Now, imagine the same scenario where the manager is able to click on the dollar amount, review the general ledger account’s activity, click to review a specific transaction line, and then drill further to see supporting documentation. This not only saves time, but provides data transparency as well. Productivity data is immediately associated with its underlying transaction data, providing managers with the ability to locate discrepancies or errors quickly.

The scenarios above are both features of the Dominion ACCESS Air Expanded Daily Report and Drill-Down functionality. The expanded Daily Report opens new columns of analysis on the standard daily report — offering comparative values for Last Month, Month Last Year, and Last Year Year-to-Date. Additionally it introduces the drill down option which allows the user to drill down into a value and go all the way back to the original, supporting document(s) that add to the dollar value on the report. When activated, drill down is also accessible outside the Daily Report and can be engaged in various Accounting module menus, including the main journal inquiry screen.

Dominion ACCESS Air strives to make dealers’ lives better by simplifying the processes you do every day to run your business. For more information, call 877.421.1040.

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