What’s in a name? Dominion VUE® WebDMS

What’s in a name? Dominion VUE® WebDMS

Built on experience. Designed for the future.

Our newest cloud-based DMS solution is still called Dominion VUE®. But since it is the first built in the cloud, for the cloud dealer management system, we’ve always believed that calling it a DMS just didn’t fit. The introduction of Dominion VUE created an entirely new category of DMS…true Software as a Service (SaaS) software built from the ground up in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Revolutionary stuff. No one else had done it before in the U.S. So lumping it in with all the other ‘legacy’ DMS options just didn’t fit.

That’s why we now call VUE a WebDMS. And why not? No server hardware investment or maintenance. No old in-house software moved to a server on the cloud. No VPNs or remote terminal sessions. With Dominion VUE WebDMS, all you need is a subscription, a browser, and an internet connection. It truly is a web app.

And if you haven’t looked ahead in your calendar recently, it’s almost 2020. The internet age took off 20 years ago. We use web apps for everything now…for banking, news, travel, entertainment, even socializing. Your customers want to interact with your business online. So why is your core management system still 20+ years behind? Does that position your business for the new decade and beyond?

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About the author: Larry Newcomer is Marketing Director for Dominion Dealer Solutions WebDMS Business.

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