Hints your smartphone provides about your DMS

Hints your smartphone provides about your DMS

No need to pull out your iPhone or Android and ask Siri or Google Assistant. Just contemplate it for a second.

Unless you are very young, chances are it’s not your first mobile phone. Why? Because technology has rapidly evolved over the last thirty-five years. If you had one of the earliest ‘brick’ phones, texting was a distant dream. Getting route guidance still required fetching a big paper

Evolution of mobile phone technology

Evolution of mobile phone technology

map from the glove compartment. And if someone asked if you were on Twitter thirty five years ago, you would reply with a puzzled stare…or a punch in the face.

The operating systems in today’s smartphones didn’t exist just a few years ago. Older popular mobile phone operating systems such as Windows Pocket PC OS, Palm OS, Blackberry OS have been replaced by much newer, more capable technology from Apple and Android.

A lot has changed in 35 years…for the better.

Now let’s look at your Dealer Management System (DMS). Most of the widely used DMS systems and software are still using the same foundational operating systems they had decades ago. Surprisingly most also still use the same file-based data structures even though relational databases have been around for years. Even more surprising, some still require dedicated virtual private network (VPN) connections and even dedicated servers.

You wouldn’t hit the road with an old Motorola brick phone, right? So why head into the new decade with a DMS built in the same era?

Much like Smartphones created a new category of mobile devices, Dominion VUE® WebDMS has essentially created a new category surpassing legacy DMS systems. Built in and for the cloud, it’s the first true cloud WebDMS available for the U.S. new car dealer market. And using cloud-based efficiencies, and ‘friendlier’ business practices, we’re a lot less expensive than the legacy DMS providers.  But Dominion VUE WebDMS is based on our nearly 20 years of DMS experience and backed by Dominion Dealer Solutions and Dominion Enterprises.

And we continue to innovate. We’re building Advanced Executive Reporting with Visualizations into our core platform. Plus, we built in comprehensive Service Department capabilities including tablet-based write-up, service menus, and even Multi-Point Inspections. Online payments for service customers is embedded and service reps (and others) can text customers using VUE! Your choice…use third party tools integrated to VUE or use ours. Either way, you’re in control!

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About the author: Larry Newcomer is Marketing Director for Dominion Dealer Solutions WebDMS Business.


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