Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

By: Mathew Lee, Sales Engineer, Prime Response®

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There are over 1.59 billion active users on Facebook each month? Take advantage of this growing opportunity today with Prime Response®’s Social Ad Manager.

How to Drive Traffic to your Website with SAM:

If you are an automotive dealer,SAM you need to be using Prime Response’s Social Ad Manager (SAM) to ensure you’re driving relevant traffic to your dealership’s website. SAM not only allows you to manage your ads, it works with existing website data to create engaging ads while simultaneously managing your advertising budget.

It may be a surprise that social media sites like Facebook may not be the number one referrer to your website; that number one position is likely held by organic search. With that said, sites like Facebook do heavily influence organic search and thus, referrer traffic. If you’re looking even closer than that, it’s evident that social media traffic places dealership content in front of the best consumers, at the best times. Above all, the key is making sure your dealership’s ads are visible to shoppers who actually want to see them.

That’s where SAM comes in. SAM has taken advantage of the hyper-targeting functionality that only Facebook can offer. With this, SAM is able to intelligently connect with potential car buyers, take the data sets a dealership has gained, and strategically target them effectively. Partner these targeting capabilities with automotive-centric technology and you’re not only able to narrow in on the shoppers that sit atop the sales funnel, but help move any customer through the funnel.

Drive Social Media TrafficThis focus has allowed the Prime Response team to identify the data points that are the most important when considering social media’s sales attribution model. Because, as you may suspect, the engagement points, such as ‘likes’ and ‘shares,’ are no longer the measuring stick for social media’s success. Instead, as we move toward a more intelligent approach to social media, shopper-centric ROI points, such as VDP views, matter the most.

Because of this, SAM reports and measures all social-to-site traffic down to the unique VDP. Using VDP views as the metric is the best way to track real shoppers versus other site traffic. You’ll never question your social ad campaigns again.

We’ve figured out how to measure ROI, and more importantly, we’ve figured out how to drive it. If you’re looking to learn more, contact us today for a free demo. 

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