Ride the Carousel

Ride the Carousel

By:Jacque Birkeland, Senior Social Media Specialist

Social Media can be a tough place to reach the right audience. The competition is always rising and, without the right guidance, your dealership’s message can get lost in the noise. Having the right team makes all the difference. Here at Dominion Dealer Solutions, our Prime Response Specialists know this.

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Prime Specialists offer multiple services to increase a dealer’s brand awareness and improve a dealership’s online presence. Not only do they influence reviews, work on strategic social media campaigns, create weekly posts, develop reporting and provide consulting, they also determine the best ways to sell more vehicles. They know that the more creative the social media ad, the more clicks can be captured.

Facebook is constantly changing, so there are updates often. Dominion’s Prime Specialists are always learning about new ways of sharing content with potential buyers. One of the latest is creating Carousel Ads to showcase more than one product or service at the same time. Automotive dealerships can benefit from showing multiple photos within a single ad to open up new opportunities of interaction. With this, up to five images can be included in one Facebook ad, allowing viewers to swipe through each photo. Facebook users can now scroll horizontally as well as vertically making the experience more interactive.

carousel image

carousel image

Facebook ads rely on specific budgets and target audiences to enhance performance. Exact age groups, locations and interests can be selected with target audiences. Targeting ads by interests, depending on the vehicles being displayed, reaches a more specific audience. Carousel Ads are the perfect opportunity to share a variety of vehicles with targeted in-market consumers. Taking advantage of tracking URL links with each individual vehicle helps determine which images are attracting the most attention. Carousel Ads automatically optimize images to show the best performing photos first.

A compelling Carousel Ad can reduce your cost-per- acquisition. Advertisers have seen these ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per- conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per- click than single-image link ads.1

We used Carousel Ads to tell a story about our product. The results were a 3x decrease in cost per click, driving more volume of potential customers for less money to our website. –Derin Oyekan, Co-Founder and CMO, Jewelscent2

Carousel Ads are included in an even newer Facebook feature called Canvas Ads. Canvas Ads, specifically created for mobile users, expand to take over the entire screen on mobile phones. Targeted audiences see canvas posts in their timelines and, when selected, turns their screens into an interactive experience. Videos and Carousel Ads can be added as components within Canvas Ads, allowing viewers to swipe through inventory photos. With Canvas Ads, more than five pieces of inventory can be displayed with the option of including more images or videos to give users additional interactive options.

The results from Carousel Ads reflect an increase in reach as well as in increase in total amount of website visits. Highlighting the best features of products give customers more reasons to click so being as creative as possible is a must. The more a vehicle is seen the more likely it is to sell, which is why it’s wise to ride the carousel.

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