Effective Equity Mining Made Simple

Effective Equity Mining Made Simple

Every dealership sales professional knows there is a treasure trove of business at his or her fingertips within the CRM and DMS. These potential customers have owned their vehicles for 3-5 years, have positive equity, and might be interested in a new vehicle. How can dealers access that information? How much work is involved in retrieving that information? Does the CRM help identify a buyer’s vehicle preferences and match them against current inventory? Does it factor in all current rebates? Does it prioritize prospects based on custom criteria? If the answer is “no”, well…Now it can.

Dominion’s DealActivator, the winner of the AWA 2016 Platinum Dealers’ Choice Award for Data Mining, offers a CRM Plug-in from the Chrome Store. This new DealActivator CRM Plug-in allows dealers to view equity on the customer record they are working on while logged into the CRM. Dealers will enjoy the benefits of viewing DealActivator widgets, with an instant overview of equity opportunities to work that day, without leaving the CRM – all at no extra cost.

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Dealership employees can quickly confirm that the customers they are viewing are in an equity position. DealActivator’s CRM Plug-in works succinctly as dealers move through the CRM to pull Vehicle and Customer information.*

*Some CRM’s excluded from sync feature.

Don’t compromise. Enjoy the best equity mining solution on the market right inside your preferred CRM. Learn more about Dominion’s DealActivator and our new CRM Plug-in.
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