Engaged vs Disengaged: Talking to the Different Types of Buyers

Engaged vs Disengaged: Talking to the Different Types of Buyers

In today’s dealerships, auto dealers communicate with customers using different media and software. Regardless of the media you use, it is important to know how to vary your communication style based on their level of engagement.

Your main objective should be to provide this customer with the proper information…

An engaged shopper is typically someone who has initiated the dialog – by calling, responding to your website, or sending an email. Car shoppers are looking for information; what you have to offer and why they should do business with your new or used car dealership. Your main objective is to provide the proper information and to invite them to visit the dealership.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the disengaged buyer. When speaking to a disengaged buyer that has been identified as a prospect via DealActivator, Dominion Dealer Solutions’ award-winning equity- mining platform, words matter. These customers have chosen to do business with your store in the past. They may have purchased multiple ​vehicles​ ​from your auto dealership or used your service department. If they are currently doing business with you, they are most likely not looking to spend more money. They are disengaged. The question is, “How do you re-engage them?”

The number one thing to remember is to thank them for their business!

The answer is similar to that with an​ ​engaged customer. Provide them with new or unique information, and ask for their time by inviting them to visit your dealership.​ ​Knowing how to present this information to the disengaged customer is important. The number one thing to remember is to thank them for their business! Let them know that you appreciate them as a customer.

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Next, consider the four “I’s”:​

  • ​Introduction: “Say thank you”, ask permission, promote your dealership, and yourself.
  • Inquire: Ask for permission to provide information regarding his or her equity position.​ “Because Mr. Customer, I certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity just because you didn’t know about it.”
  • Inspect: Confirm the details already known about them using DealActivator. Know the customer!
  • Invite: Ask these customers to visit your dealership so that you may show them exactly what it is you have to offer.

Using DealActivator’s equity mining platform is a tried and proven solution for many dealerships today. Using the proper verbiage when speaking to the different types of customers will drive your users to create more appointments and ultimately more sales for your store! Get started with DealActivator today, call 877.421.1040.

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