Leverage the Big 3 for the Best Service Customer Experience…and profits!

Leverage the Big 3 for the Best Service Customer Experience…and profits!

Customer experience is everything today. Consumers are expecting more from all the businesses they interact with whether it’s their rideshare service, gym, favorite restaurant, bank, etc. Disappoint customers today and they will let their friends and the whole world know about it in online reviews. Delight them and they’ll spread the word.

The customer experience you provide in your service department always depends on optimizing the Big 3 – People, Processes, and Technology. You can hire the best Service Advisors and Techs, but if your processes and technology do not enable them to deliver the best experience, you will disappoint your customers and your staff.

If your vision is to have a fast service drive experience that is designed to delight customers while increasing RO dollars, your technology must support that process. Yet at almost every dealership in the country, service drive technology is a patchwork of pseudo integrated platforms, often requiring multiple devices to operate. And these platforms are often out of sync meaning information can be hours out of date.

Legacy DMS platforms and software, mostly designed in the 1980s, weren’t designed to support the processes needed to provide your vision of a fast, seamless, data supported service drive experience. So you’re forced to bolt on expensive service drive apps and try to make them all work. Use one system for the walkaround, another for service menu selling, another to write-up the RO, another for Multi-Point Inspection and maybe another for text communication, and another for payment processing. Yikes!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Shouldn’t your DMS handle all these functions? And allow you to do it on one device…any device… anywhere you need to? Can your DMS do that? Ours does!

Unlike legacy DMS systems, we designed Dominion VUE® starting with Fixed Ops. We looked at all the functionality dealers are using or contemplating and built all into the core of VUE. Dominion VUE is the first and only true cloud, web-based dealer management software. No servers to buy and maintain. No upfront fees. And you access it with your browser and internet connection on any device. If you don’t want to give up your favorite bolt-on Service App, integrating with VUE is easy and secure.

And we designed VUE to be easy to learn and use. So your staff can learn VUE quickly and get work done faster. If your vision of the ideal service customer experience is being slowed down by disparate systems, maybe it’s time to revisit your technology platforms. Maybe it’s time for a singular VUE.

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To compare how your DMS stacks up with your vision of providing great service customer experience, click here to get the free evaluation checklist of core service customer process that is dependent on technology. Or submit the form below or call 877.421.1040 to speak with a representative.


About the Author: Tom Edwards is Senior Solutions Consultant for DMS Solutions at Dominion Dealer Solutions. Tom has held numerous roles in the auto industry working both in dealerships as well as vendors. For more than two decades, Tom has worked with hundreds of dealerships, helping them find ways to reduce costs and improve utilization of their Dealer Management Systems. He also has been instrumental as a system and product consultant. Tom has been a featured speaker at industry conferences, including NADA, AICPA, and OEM specific events.

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