Improved Feature Prioritization for Dominion StoryBuilder

Improved Feature Prioritization for Dominion StoryBuilder

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

Creating relevant, compelling comments within your VDPs is an integral part of gaining and keeping the attention of car shoppers. In fact, a study found that including these comments in a used vehicle listing will result in a 50% increase in contacts to the dealership.

Check out these vehicle story best practices!

Dominion StoryBuilder™ is an automated comment generator that creates vehicle stories for your new, used and certified vehicles.

StoryBuilder is already a significant efficiency tool for dealers, but we saw room for improvement. In an effort to continuously improve our products, we sourced feedback from our dealers and internal resources to critically inform our strategy. As a result, we established a set of desired features and then prioritized the features based on which would satisfy the most consumers.

It’s no longer good enough to describe the traditional automobile specs that come standard. Consumers want to be wowed with the goodies and new gadgets manufacturers have to offer that are synonymous with luxury. With that said, StoryBuilder now highlights features that are newer or more unique to each vehicle, like bluetooth, rear-view camera, heated/AC seats and more. By changing the feature prioritization and adding a ranking algorithm to the tool, we are able to create engaging vehicle stories that matter to your website’s visitors.


Don’t have an automated comments tool that is up-to-date, optimized for search and mobile, and drives click-throughs and conversions? Used vehicles posted with Dominion StoryBuilder™ comments sell 34% faster (39 vs 59 days).

StoryBuilder is easy to use, drives SEO for your VDPs, and increases click through rates with relevant keywords. Call 877.421.1040 to learn more today!

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